PairDrop by DAO Drops

PairDrop is a reusable primitive that allows communities to intelligently allocate funds. It is designed to avoid common pitfalls of funding mechanisms like cognitive overload and favoritism, while making the process fun and painless. PairDrop assigns each voter a random sample of the funding targets as sets of pairs (e.g. six sets of two). All the voter has to do is select the more deserving option from each of the pairs and the algorithm handles the rest! To fork the codebase, visit the open source repo Here.

Under the hood, PairDrop uses the BudgetBox algorithm originally developed by Colony. As votes are submitted, the algorithm computes a “preference graph” over the full set of funding targets, which it transforms to a normalized distribution across the set. At the end of the voting period, funds are distributed according to the final snapshot of the distribution. This approach is highly scalable, both in terms of the number of funding targets and the number of voters. It can also produce intelligent allocations even with relatively low voter turnout. We believe that this mechanism is an underutilized way for communities to harness their collective intelligence in an efficient and unbiased manner.

PairDrop also comes with a Voter Scoring Script that we developed to help communities configure voting weights across their participants. The script can pull from different on and off-chain data sources to assign weights to individual addresses. The example datasets we provided are one example that focuses on addresses that have performed different on-chain actions in the Ethereum ecosystem such as donating to public goods, voting in DAOs, holding identity credentials, deploying smart contracts, claiming relevant POAPs and more! Check it out for inspiration and get in touch if you need help developing your own tailored dataset.


DAO Drops is the public goods arm of dOrg, an OG services DAO that builds dapps and other web3 infrastructure. The aim of DAO Drops is to Drop open source tools for decentralized communities. In 2023 we launched DAO Drops with a pilot supported by the Ethereum Foundation to empower Ethereum users to allocate ecosystem funds to underfunded projects. We received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from the community, especially from groups that were interested in running their own rounds. As a result, we are releasing PairDrop and all future Drops as forkable primitives that can be used by anyone.

So enjoy PairDrop and stay tuned for future Drops!

If you need support adapting PairDrop or the DAO Drops V1 to your needs, fill out dOrg’s contact form or reach out at daodrops@dorg.tech.


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